Artist | Maker | Art Therapist


Art Practice 

My art practice is centered around meaning-making. Through art making, I grapple with and gain a deeper understanding of my own experience.  I am particularly interested in exploring my location within larger systems of oppression; specifically, those that devalue femininity and the female body, which contribute to gender-based violence. 

I work primarily in fiber materials and craft-based techniques grounded in women’s work. I choose these materials and techniques in order to engage in the labor of slow making to create tangible connections to internal processes. The presence of the hand and the attentiveness of the handmade are of critical importance to my practice. 

Art Therapy

An artist’s perspective provides me with a sensitive entry point to connecting and empathizing with my clients. Art making allows me to engage in deeper thinking and feeling that guides me in sound therapeutic decision making.  I involve my artist sensibility in my clinical work because it allows me to grasp the meaning behind the unspoken and to sense the power behind healing through metaphor. 

My approach to art therapy is trauma informed, feminist, relational & person-centered. My focus in working with clients is on developing a meaningful relationship through an understanding of how the effects of trauma and a person’s context interrelate.